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Customized Meal Plans

  Length of Program                                            Cost

  4 weeks – (class reunion)                                $59 (averages $12.25/wk)

  8 weeks – (beach ready)                                  $80 (averages $8.75/wk)

  12 weeks – (wedding, trip)                              $100 (averages $7.50/wk)

  16 weeks – (surgeries, post-pregnancy)       $119 (averages $6.81/wk)

  Maintenance – (goal reached)                       $35/month

*Maintenance package includes Meal plan for a month w/consultation.  This package is only available after purchase of any initial Meal Plan package above or Personal Training package.

*Wellness Center members receive $10 off each package!

What is included in your package?


  • Detailed weekly meal plans approved by registered dietitians (option of mobile app)

  • Correct Macronutrient balance

  • Grocery list provided for each meal

  • Follow-up consults every 2 weeks with a certified personal trainer

How it works? 


  • You will receive a personal assessment with a trainer discussing your health history, food preferences, and allergies and health goals


  • Together based on your assessment and our conversation we devise a health and nutrition plan. Everyone is unique; therefore, your health and nutrition plan will be too. We will provide structure and guidance to help you reach your goals.


  • We will schedule follow up appointments every two weeks to discuss how you are doing on the plan, answer questions, set new goals, and make any adjustments if necessary. A follow up is about you getting the guidance and motivation you need to be successful.

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